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    fantasy man fantasy man fantasy man

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    This is a fennec Foxa small noctural fox with big ears that helps to dissipate heat.

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    "Gray’s Apartment," oil on canvas, 20"x16"

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     Hoop dreams


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    complete Mighty Boosh Kissing series 2

    Q: So the kiss scene; i only caught the one, but have you kissed more than once?

    J: It happens at the end of every episode [laughs].

    N: [Laughs] That was the best part of the documentary that we used in the show.

    J: I kind of wish that at the end of every episode we made out.

    N: And then just said, ‘Ok, see you later’ [laughs].

    J: Enjoy the credits.

    (I didn’t make that up)

    The point was, I wanted to draw some fanart, but I didn’t want to spend too much time on it as I usually do, so I only gave myself 27 minutes. I opened a new document, pressed play, drew a picture for an episode while watching the episode, and when the episode ended I had to stop drawing no matter what, a little booshy drawing marathon, that’s why some of those pictures look a bit stupid (but I’m quite proud of the Beast and Priest one, kinda want to take Rudy and Spider and print them on a shirt…)

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  10. "Do you have girlfriends? They both smile knowingly. ‘Yeah, and they both joke about us being married,’ says Fielding. Pause. ‘And the sex gets on their nerves a bit,’ Barratt adds, scratching his nose."
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