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    Saint Laurent By Hedi Slimane Fall 2014 (details)

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    i had no idea this was an image I always wanted until now

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  5. I decree today that life

    Is simply taking and not giving…

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    [Painting of Death as a spectral nanny taking a child and infant away from their bereaved family.  A detail shows the family’s house number is 1918.]

    I never realized this until seeing the detail, but this painting is most likely about the flu pandemic.

    it’s really interesting seeing death portrayed as a woman 

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    me in 70 years

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    Kate Bush-You’re The One, 1993

    Bush was in a relationship with her bass player/sound engineer Del Palmer from the late 1970’s to the early 1990’s. He’s since spoken about the difficulty of working on her album The Red Shoes, due to it partly being inspired by their separation.

    After the release of the album Bush took a 12 year break from music and the public eye.